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Mark Labels

Product(s): Tableau Public, Tableau Desktop
Version(s): 7.0, 8.0
Last Modified Date: 21 Mar 2013
Mark labels appear in the view to provide information about data points. You may choose to label all the marks in the view, or you may prefer to label only the minimum and maximum values or a selection of significant marks.

Step 1

On the Marks card, click Label.

Step 2

In the Font box, select settings for font face, style, and color.

Step 3

Use the Label control to specify which marks to label. For example, you could choose to label only the marks for minimum and maximum, or only the marks you select. When you set marks to Automatic, labels are shown if space is adequate.

Step 4

After specifying the general label settings, you can turn labels on and off for individual marks. Right-click a mark and select an option on the Mark Label submenu. These options override those specified on the Marks card.

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